Tennessee Transmission Projects

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Cortney Mustard
Project Outreach Specialist
833-313-3743   |    camustard@aep.com

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Current Projects

Kingsport Main Street Relocation Project

The Kingsport Main Street Relocation Project involves relocating half a mile of transmission line along Main Street in Kingsport. Crews plan to relocate the line to the opposite side of the street and replace 33 wooden poles with 16 steel poles. The relocation supports Kingsport City’s beautification initiative and provides additional space for construction and growth in the area. Appalachian Power representatives expect construction to begin within the next month and conclude by late spring.

Nagel Substation Expansion

The Nagel Substation Expansion project includes expanding the existing 500-kilovolt (kV) yard and building a new 138 kV yard all on property owned by the company. The existing Gas Insulated Station (GIS) will be converted to an Air Insulated Station to reduce the need for ongoing maintenance and provide a more efficient and robust power system.


State Operating Companies

Appalachian Power - Appalachian Power serves 929,000 customers in West Virginia, Virginia, and Tennessee. http://www.AppalachianPower.com