AEP Transmission is committed to providing its customers with a reliable electric service supported by a resilient transmission grid. During construction and maintenance of transmission lines and substations, the utility may need to build new or upgrade existing access roads.


  • Access road surfaces may be soil or stone and range from 12-20 feet in width.
  • Actual width of an access road construction area can be up to 40 feet.
  • Width of road can increase to accommodate turns or switchback areas.


  • In most cases, company representatives are able to work with impacted landowners to determine the most practical access road locations.
  • In addition, representatives discuss any associated mitigation with impacted landowners.

Building the Access Road

  • Heavy equipment is used to clear and grade the access road.
  • Erosion and sediment controls are used to prevent storm water runoff and lessen environmental impacts per federal, state and local guidelines.

Completed Access Road

  • Once the project is complete, company representatives will continue to work with landowners to determine final road standards.
  • It will be determined if access roads remain in place for future maintenance of company facilities depending on factors including landowner preference as well as local and/or state requirements.