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American Electric Power is an industry leader in building, operating and maintaining one of the strongest electric grids in the United States.

With many firsts in nearly 100 years of electric transmission history, the company is renowned as an innovator, and known for treating people and the environment with respect while building essential infrastructure that powers customers' homes and businesses.

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Stewardship in Action

AEP Transmission strives to balance the responsibility of providing reliable electric service and respecting the environment when siting, constructing and maintaining transmission lines and substations. We use industry best practices to protect wetlands, waterways, habitats and endangered species.

Read more about the stewardship in action and the success stories benefiting communities across our service territory.

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Rebuilding for the Future

Transmission is vital to our way of life. While our transmission system is built to last, parts can wear out or become obsolete over time.

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Retro Report

Do Power Lines Cause Cancer? Scientific studies over the past several decades have explored the possibility of health effects from EMF exposure. Based on extensive laboratory experiments, EMF from power lines is not a public health threat.

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