The Dennison – Yager Transmission Line involves rebuilding approximately 7 miles of 69-kV line. The line will be upgraded with steel poles and built to 138-kV standards, although it will continue to be operated at 69-kV. The line connects the Dennison Substation in Harrison County to a new Yager Substation, which is currently under construction in Tuscarawas County.

These improvements are one part of the multi-phase Eastern Ohio Tri-County Improvements, an approximately $66 million investment designed to create a 138-kV loop in eastern Ohio that will reduce electric outages in the region and provide the capacity for future business expansion. The multi-phase project includes rebuilding approximately 20-miles of transmission line, adding 5-miles of new line and constructing a new Yager Substation.

The Dennison – Yager transmission line is an approximately $15 million investment. It is necessary to ensure a reliable and adequate supply of energy is available for the area, which has seen a dramatic increase in economic development related to the shale gas industry.

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Project Updates

Early 2020: Crews are constructing the power line following an adjustment submitted and approved by the Ohio Power Siting Board. Construction is anticipated to be completed in summer 2021.

Project Releases

Dennison – Yager Notice of Project Open House Public Notice - April 9, 2016 (PDF)

Eastern Ohio Tri-County Improvements News Release - April 7, 2016 (PDF)


Project Timeline



AEP Ohio will build new steel, single pole structures that will be between 80 and 100-feet tall. The structures will be placed in the center of an approximate 100-foot wide right-of-way corridor.

* Exact structure, height and right-of-way may vary


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