Restoring, beautifying right-of-way area in Indiana park

Indiana Michigan Power collaborated with the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana, to restore and enhance a 6.5-mile long transmission right-of-way area that passes through a city park and along a greenway trail.

This effort followed construction of the Spy Run Extension Project, one of many area projects to replace aging transmission infrastructure and improve reliability for customers.

The restoration activities included:

  • Replacing old towers and lines with new, modern transmission towers and lines that are less visible on the horizon.
  • Removing invasive trees in the right-of-way area, providing better views of the adjacent St. Joseph River.
  • Planting 10 berry-producing trees to benefit wildlife.
  • Planting native plant seeds in one section of the right-of-way to provide animal habitat, while restricting the establishment of invasive trees.
  • Adding two park benches and a bike repair station on the pathway.

This work is just one example of how the company works with communities to improve electric system reliability for customers while benefiting the environment.