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Kenna AreaTransmission Line Project

Appalachian Power representatives plan upgrades to the electric transmission grid in West Virginia. The Kenna Area Transmission Line Project involves building approximately 20 miles of electric transmission line in Jackson and Kanawha counties. Plans also include building a new substation and upgrading two substations in the area.

The upgrades increase electric reliability for customers and strengthen the power grid by bringing an additional source of power to the area.

Crews are completing construction for this project in two sections: section one from Kenna to Ripley and section two from Kenna to Sissonville. Construction from Kenna to Ripley began in December 2022. Crews plan to begin construction from Kenna to Sissonville in May. All construction is expected to be complete by fall 2024.

Project Updates

1/12/2023: Construction on section 1, Kenna-Ripley: Crews began tree clearing on section 1 in December 2022. Crews plan to begin access road construction this month and begin transmission line construction in February. Work on section 1 is expected to conclude in September.

Construction on section 2, Kenna-Sissonville: Crews plan to begin tree clearing on section 2 in May and begin access road construction in June. Transmission line construction begins in September and concludes by fall 2024.

04/21/21: The project team has developed a refined study area after reviewing future land use, environmental impacts and input gathered from virtual open houses and landowner meetings. The team plans to conduct field studies within the refined study area to gather more data as we work to finalize the proposed line route.

03/23/21: Appalachian Power representatives are working to determine a proposed line route for this project. The project team is still reviewing landowner feedback and hopes to have a proposed route in the coming months.

11/19/20: Project representatives encourage landowners to submit their feedback about the project by January 8th. To provide comments on how this project affects your property or ask questions, please use the comment form below or call 833-313-3743. Your feedback helps the project team determine a proposed line route that minimizes impact to the community and environment.

Project Releases

News Release - November 19, 2020 (PDF)


Project Map (PDF)


Project Timeline



Crews plan to build the transmission line primarily using steel H-frame poles and towers. Proposed structures vary depending on the location.

At Appalachian Power, we are committed to meeting the energy needs of customers while protecting the environment and natural beauty of the region.

Structure Height: Approximately 80-120 feet*
Right-of-Way Width: Approximately 100 feet*

* Exact structure, height and right-of-way may vary



Substations serve as electrical intersections converting the power to voltage levels for use in homes, businesses and industrial facilities.

* Substation shown is a general depiction of the proposed facilities for the project. It does not represent final design.

Project Maps

Please note that these maps are preliminary and do not reflect any final power line route decisions.


Step 1: Below is an Overview Map that displays the entire project area. Please use the Overview Map to find the general location of your property.


Step 2: Each outlined area on the Overview Map represents a single, numbered Map Page that shows that section in greater detail. Visit the appropriate Map Page below for your area.


Virtual Open House Project Fact Sheet Access Roads Field Activities

Appalachian Power serves approximately 1 million customers in West Virginia, Virginia and Tennessee.

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