Baileysville - RockridgeTransmission Line Rebuild Project

Appalachian Power representatives plan to increase electric reliability by making upgrades in Wyoming and McDowell counties in West Virginia.

The Baileysville-Rockridge Transmission Line Rebuild Project involves rebuilding approximately 17 miles of transmission line and upgrading four substations in the area.

Transmission line construction is expected to begin fall 2024 and conclude by summer 2026.

Project Updates

September 2023: Crews have started right-of-way clearing on several sections of the project. Transmission line construction is expected to begin fall 2024 and all construction is expected to conclude by summer 2026.

02/09/21: The project team plans to rebuild the transmission line in or near the existing right-of-way. Landowners along the line route can expect to hear in the coming months from a representative of Emerald Energy, the right-of-way contractor representing Appalachian Power. The utility needs to update existing easements along the power line route.

09/23/20: Project representatives encourage landowners to submit their feedback about the project by October 23. To provide comments on how this project affects your property or to provide special conditions related to your property, please use the comment form below or call 833-313-3743.

Project Releases


Project Map (PDF)


Project Timeline



Crews plan to rebuild the power line primarily using steel, V-shaped lattice towers and H-frame poles.

At Appalachian Power, we are committed to meeting the energy needs of customers while protecting the environment and natural beauty of the region.

Existing Structure Height: Approximately 60 feet*
Proposed Structure Height: Approximately 85 feet*
Right-of-Way Width: Approximately 100 feet*

*Exact structure, height and right-of-way may vary


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Appalachian Power serves approximately 1 million customers in West Virginia, Virginia and Tennessee.

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