Reusens - RoanokeTransmission Line Rebuild Project

Appalachian Power representatives plan upgrades to the transmission system in Roanoke, Bedford and the city of Lynchburg. The Reusens-Roanoke Transmission Line Rebuild Project involves rebuilding about 43 miles of 138-kilovolt (kV) electric transmission line and upgrading two substations.

The Reusens-Roanoke transmission line was originally installed between 1926 and 1933. These upgrades replace aging equipment with modern steel structures and strengthen the local transmission system. Upgrading the Roanoke and Centerville substations replaces aging equipment, improving station performance and reducing maintenance needs.

Construction begins spring 2025 and concludes by the end of 2030.

Project Updates

September 2023 - The company received SCC approval to move forward with the project on September 5, 2023. Right-of-way agents plan to contact landowners along the power line route to discuss next steps.

November 22, 2022 - Appalachian Power representatives have determined a proposed route and submitted the project to the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) seeking approval for the upgrades. Once the case is accepted for review you can follow the case and contact the Virginia State Corporation Commission on their website:

January 25, 2022 - Project representatives encourage landowners to submit their feedback about the project by Friday, February 25. To provide comments on how this project affects your property or to provide special conditions related to your property, please use the comment form below or call 833-313-3743.

Appalachian Power also invites community members and landowners in the project area to learn more at one of the following in-person open houses:

  • Open House 1: Tuesday, Feb. 8, 5-7:30 p.m. William Byrd Middle School, 2910 E Washington Avenue, Vinton, VA 24179
  • Open House 2: Wednesday, Feb. 9, 5-7:30 p.m. Montvale Elementary School, 1 Little Patriot Drive, Montvale, VA 24122
  • Open House 3: Thursday, Feb. 10, 5-7:30 p.m. Boonsboro Elementary School, 1234 Eagle Circle, Lynchburg, VA 24503


Project Timeline



Most of the existing line consists of lattice towers. Crews plan to rebuild the line using lattice towers and single poles. The proposed structures are an average of 35 feet taller than the existing structures.

Proposed Structure Height: Approximately 100-170 feet*
Right-of-Way Width: Approximately 60-100 feet*

At Appalachian Power, we are committed to meeting the energy needs of customers while protecting the environment and natural beauty of the region.

*Exact structure, height and right-of-way may vary

Virginia State Corporation Commission Approval Process

Virginia State Corporation Commission Approval Process (PDF)

Application to the Virginia State Corporation Commission

Project Maps


Step 1: Below is an Overview Map that displays the entire project area. Please use the Overview Map to find the general location of your property.


Step 2: Each outlined area on the Overview Map represents a single, numbered Map Page that shows that section in greater detail. Visit the appropriate Map Page below for your area.


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Appalachian Power serves approximately 1 million customers in West Virginia, Virginia and Tennessee.

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