Rio Grande Valley (RGV)Transmission Improvements Project


Following Texas’ winter storms in February 2021, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) recognized the need for additional transmission lines in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) and endorsed AEP Texas and Electric Transmission Texas (ETT) plans for transmission system improvements to strengthen the region’s system.

AEP Texas and ETT developed the RGV Transmission Improvements Project to implement these necessary improvements for reliability in the Valley, and plan to add about 190 miles of 345-kilovolt (kV) transmission line and two substations to the Texas grid by the end of 2026.

These projects are in development and require feedback from the community prior to filing regulatory applications with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC).

Project Components Include:

Del Sol – Frontera

Cruce – Del Sol

    Cenizo – Cruce - Project page coming soon

    Cruce – Reforzar - Project page coming soon

    Ajo – Reforzar - Project page coming soon

Project Updates

The project team plans to host open houses to gather input from the communities in the project area for all components of the RGV Transmission Improvements Project. Open houses are set up as workshops so you can talk with project team members, review detailed maps and provide us with your feedback. Because there is no formal presentation, you are welcome to come and go as you like, depending on your schedule.

Once scheduled, open house dates will be posted on each respective project page. Landowners within each project area can expect to receive a letter indicating the open house(s) available in their area.

Project Schedules

Del Sol - Frontera

  • Open houses: Oct. 24-26
  • Start of construction: Winter 2024
  • In-service date: Summer 2026

Cruce - Del Sol

  • Open houses: December 2022
  • Start of construction: 2024
  • In-service date: 2026

Cenizo - Cruce

  • Open houses: January 2023
  • Start of construction: 2024
  • In-service date: 2026

Cruce - Reforzar

  • Open houses: February 2023
  • Start of construction: 2024
  • In-service date: 2026

Ajo - Reforzar

  • Open houses: February 2023
  • Start of construction: 2024
  • In-service date: 2026


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