South ChickashaTransmission Improvements Project

Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) representatives plan to upgrade the electric transmission system in Grady County. Crews plan to begin construction in early fall 2024 and conclude in late 2024.

The South Chickasha Transmission Improvements Project involves rebuilding about 5 miles of 138-kilovolt power line, upgrading wires and making minor upgrades to substation equipment along the line route.

Project Updates

Spring 2023: Right-of-way agents continue to discuss field activities, easement acquisition and construction plans with affected landowners. PSO representatives shifted project dates due to material delivery delays. Because of this, PSO representatives expect to begin pre-construction activities in late summer 2024. This work includes right-of-way clearing and installation of gates and culverts. The gates and culverts allow PSO representatives to safely access areas within the company’s easements. This work might involve removing fences, woody-stemmed vegetation and other obstructions from the right-of-way area where necessary. Crews plan to begin construction in early fall 2024 and finish in late 2024, depending on weather and other factors.

Fall 2022: TRC Companies, Inc., serves as PSO’s right-of-way representative for this project. TRC right-of-way agents are contacting affected landowners to discuss field activities, easement acquisition and construction. Crews plan to start pre-construction activities in early 2023, with transmission line construction starting in early spring 2023.

Early 2022: PSO crews and contractors plan to perform surveying work in early 2022 within the utility's right-of-way along and adjacent to the line route. Some of the survey work may require crews to place stakes and ribbon within the company's easement* on your property. Crews plan to use existing streets and pathways wherever possible to access the easement area. PSO takes responsibility should any damage result from the surveying work.

*Company representatives plan to rebuild the power line in the existing right-of-way, which may require acquiring new or updating existing property easements. Easements are defined land rights that property owners grand the utility to allow for the safe construction, operation and maintenance of the power line.


Project Timeline



PSO crews plan to use single steel poles for this project.

Typical Structure Height: Approximately 90 feet
Typical Distance Between Structures: Approximately 600 feet

*Exact structure, height and right-of-way may vary


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