Eastern Ohio Tri-CountyImprovements

The Eastern Ohio Tri-County Improvements is an approximately $66 million investment designed to create a 138-kilovolt loop in eastern Ohio that will reduce electric outages in the region and provide the capacity for future business expansion.

The multi-phase project includes the following:

  • Constructing the Yager Substation
  • Building the approximately 5-mile Yager – Azalea 138 kV transmission line (currently under construction)
  • Rebuilding approximately 15 miles of the Dennison –Scio 69 kV transmission line so it will become two lines feeding into the Yager Substation. The new lines will be called Dennison – Yager and Yager – Desert Road, and will be built to 138 kV standards
  • Upgrading approximately 5 miles of the Yager – Leesville transmission line to 138 kV standards (proposed)

To learn more, please click on the individual projects below

Dennison - Yager Yager - Desert Road


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Darryl Jones, Jr.

Project Outreach Specialist

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