South Greenwich - New LondonTransmission Line Project

AEP Ohio representatives plan to upgrade the electric transmission network serving customers in Huron and Ashland counties.

The South Greenwich –New London Transmission Line Project involves:

  • Building approximately 10 miles of new 69-kilovolt (kV) power line from First Energy’s proposed New London Substation, located off First Street in New London, to AEP Ohio's South Greenwich Substation, located off Base Line Road near State Route 13 in Greenwich.
  • Installing a 69-kV switch pole near the Village of Greenwich and AEP Ohio's Greenwich Substation between Townsend Road and North Kiffin Street in the Village of Greenwich. Installation includes rebuilding, or relocating, the transmission line connecting to the switch pole.

Improvements to the transmission grid address below-average reliability concerns. Building approximately 10 miles of transmission line provides a second source of electricity to the communities of New London, Greenwich, Delphi, Boughtonville, and New Haven. In the event a line experiences an outage, or needs maintenance, the other line can continue to serve customers. Switch poles isolate equipment from the power grid and improve operational flexibility. A stronger transmission grid also benefits the local distribution companies such as Firelands Electric Cooperative, the Village of Greenwich, and AEP Ohio, who receive power from the transmission lines.

Company representatives plan to evaluate study segments in the area for the proposed power line. Study segments are multiple alternatives presented to determine a line route. Company representatives do not build all study segments, rather, they select one route to build based on public feedback and feasibility.

Project Updates

Fall 2022: Please join us from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 5th, at the South Central Elementary School Gymnasium located at 3291 Greenwich Angling Rd in Greenwich. There is no formal presentation, so you can arrive at any time during the event. You can view detailed maps and talk with team members about the proposed study segments.

Please share your input by Monday, October 21.

Project Releases


Project Timeline



The project involves the use of single steel poles and H-frame structures.

Pole Height Range: 75 - 100 feet
Right-of-way Width: 80 - 100 feet

*Exact structure, height, and right-of-way requirements may vary depending on location, terrain, and voltage.


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AEP Ohio provides electricity to nearly 1.5 million customers.

Micaela Harris (POWER Engineers, Inc.)

AEP Ohio Outreach Representative

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