Vassell - Green ChapelTransmission Enhancements Project

AEP Ohio officials plan power grid improvements to connect new customers to the electric grid and maintain reliable electricity for customers in Delaware and Licking counties. Customer demand for electricity is anticipated to grow about four times the current need over the next five years. As a result of the area's economic development, the power grid in Delaware and Licking counties must be upgraded.

The project involves building two 13-mile 345-kilovolt power lines connecting Vassell Substation off State Route 37 in Sunbury to two new substations off Green Chapel Road in New Albany

This project requires Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) approval.


Spring 2024: AEP Ohio representatives have filed two Letter of Notifications with the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) for both of the proposed approximately 13-mile 345-kV lines as the Vassell-Green Chapel 345 kV Transmission Line Project, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Case No. 24-0014-EL-BLN, and the Vassell-Curleys 345 kV Transmission Line Project, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Case No. 24-0118-EL-BLN.

OR Colan (ORC), AEP Ohio's right-of-way vendor for this project, continue to talk with involved property owners about upcoming field activities and easements. The utility needs to acquire easements for an approximate 150-foot right-of-way corridor. Easements are defined land rights that allow for the safe construction, operation and maintenance of the power lines.

Proposed Schedule

Project Timeline



Company representatives anticipate utilizing AEP's BOLD (Breakthrough in Overhead Line Design) technology, which is capable of operating more efficiently than conventional transmission pole designs.

Structure Height: 150 feet*
Right-of-Way Width: 150 feet*

*Exact structure, height and right-of-way may vary

Project Releases


Property Easements Fact Sheet Map Access Roads Field Activities

AEP Ohio provides electricity to nearly 1.5 million customers.

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