Grace - North MuskingumTransmission Line Rebuild Project

AEP Ohio representatives plan power upgrades in Morgan County. The upgrades improve electrical reliability by replacing deteriorating wooden poles with modern steel poles. Crews expect construction to begin spring 2025 and conclude late 2026.

The Grace - North Muskingum Transmission Line Rebuild Project involves:

  • Rebuilding about 22 miles of 69-kilovolt transmission line.
  • Building Grace Substation located off OH-792 in Stockport.
  • Retiring about 9 miles of transmission line.
  • Clearing all trees and woody-stemmed vegetation within the right-of-way* corridor to ensure safe construction, operation and maintenance of the power line.

Company representatives plan to rebuild the line in or near its current location to provide the utility with access needed to safely build, operate and maintain its power lines while updating, supplementing and obtaining new easements where necessary. Easements are property rights that provide the utility with access needed to safely build, operate and maintain its power lines.

Project Updates

Spring 2024: Company representatives continue to work to engineer the line rebuild. As the project develops, project members plan to communicate any necessary changes to impacted landowners and make updates to this website.


Project Timeline



The project involves the use of steel H-frame and 3-pole structures.

Typical Structure Height: Approximately 85-95 feet
Typical Right-of-Way Width: 60-100 feet

*Exact structure, height and right-of-way requirements may vary.


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Project Outreach Specialist

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