New Buffalo - BridgmanTransmission Line Rebuild Project

The New Buffalo-Bridgman Transmission Line Rebuild Project involves rebuilding about 21 miles of 69-kilovolt transmission line running between four area substations.

The project involves:

  • Rebuilding about 7 miles of power line from New Buffalo Substation, off East Clay Street, to Three Oaks Substation, off Hickory Street.
  • Rebuilding about 6 miles of power line from Three Oaks Substation to Lakeside Substation, off West East Road.
  • Rebuilding about 8 miles of power line from Lakeside Substation to Bridgman Substation, off Red Arrow Highway.

The project strengthens the local electric transmission system by replacing aging poles and wires from the 1960s with modern equipment. The upgrades improve the line's operational performance by reducing the need for frequent maintenance, lessening the likelihood of power outages and speeding recovery of service in the event outages occur.

Current project plans call for construction to begin early 2026 and end fall 2027.

Project Updates

January 2024: Company representatives hosted public forums in October 2023 to meet with the community and share updated project information.

Project updates include:

  • Relocating about 1 mile of power line from Hickory Street, Butternut Street and Cherry Street in the Village of Three Oaks to be built about a half-mile east of the village (please see the above interactive map for the new power line location).
    • The existing distribution poles along the village streets will remain, as they serve homes along these streets.
  • Utilizing wooden poles in the Village of Three Oaks, along Three Oaks Road and East Road, and from Lakeside Substation north along Red Arrow Highway, including Warren Dunes State Park. There are specific areas where steel poles are required to meet engineering requirements, such as interstate crossings or where the strength and height requirements exceed what is available in wood.
  • Offering reimbursement to property owners along the power line route for the removal of vegetation within the proposed easement area, on private property.
  • Working with Harbor Country Rotary Club to discuss opportunities to contribute to the community’s tree regeneration program.

As next steps, company representatives plan to begin field studies along the power line route. Following studies, right-of-way agents plan to discuss necessary easements with landowners. Easements are defined land rights that provide the utility with access needed to safely build, operate and maintain its power lines.

Proposed Alternate Route Constraints Map

Based on community feedback, the project team explored conceptual route alternatives near East Road, U.S. 12, the railroad corridor and Red Arrow Highway. I&M representatives considered and reviewed suggested routes and determined the use of the existing corridor is still the best solution for the project. Relocating the transmission line from its current location requires acquiring and clearing a new 60-foot right-of-way, creating a second utility corridor where one does not currently exist. Additional areas of concern include impacts to conservation easements, tree clearing in undeveloped forested areas, insufficient access for construction and future maintenance, and incompatible land use, requiring the removal of residential and commercial structures. Areas with excessive environmental, engineering and constructability concerns were not considered.

Proposed Alternate Route Constraints Map


Project Timeline



The project involves installing steel and wood poles, in select locations.

Typical Pole Height: Approximately 75 feet*
Typical Right-of-Way Width: Approximately 40 feet*

*Exact structure, height, and right-of-way requirements may vary.

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