Tillotson AvenueTransmission Line Project

Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) representatives plan power grid upgrades to improve electric reliability for customers in northwest Muncie.

The Tillotson Avenue Transmission Line Project involves:

  • Rebuilding about 1 mile of underground transmission line on Tillotson Avenue between Bethel Substation, located near the intersection with W Riverside Avenue and Kenmore Substation, off North Elizabeth Avenue
  • Upgrading about 3 miles of transmission line between Bethel Substation and Delaware Substation, off North Shaffer Road.
  • Retiring about 1 mile of transmission facilities between Delaware Station and West Twickingham Drive. Lower-voltage distribution wires, third-party utilities and associated poles may remain

The project strengthens the local electric transmission system by replacing aging poles and wires that date back to the 1960s with modern equipment. Outages within the aging underground facilities are difficult to identify and fix. The power line has experienced several extended power outages in recent years due to these issues. Replacing the existing underground line with new, upgraded wire will improve the line’s operational performance, reduce the likelihood of extended power outages and enhance electric reliability for area customers.

Project Updates

Early 2024: Construction starts soon to rebuild an aging underground power line along Tillotson Avenue between University Avenue and York Prairie Creek, just south of Euclid Avenue. For more information on what to expect, review our Construction FAQ

Project Releases


Project Timeline



Sections of the project involve installing steel poles.

Typical Pole Height: Approximately 100 feet*
Typical Right-of-Way Width: Approximately 60 feet*

*Exact structure, height and right-of-way requirements may vary


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Indiana Michigan Power serves 575,000 customers in Indiana and Michigan.

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