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Robison Park - LincolnTransmission Line Rebuild Project

Indiana Michigan Power representatives plan to improve electric service reliability for customers in northeast Fort Wayne.

The Robison Park-Lincoln Transmission Line Rebuild Project involves:

  • Upgrading about 8 miles of 138-kilovolt transmission line
  • Improving the Trier Substation near the intersection of Trier Road and Walden Run

Company representatives plan to rebuild the power line in the existing right-of-way, which may require acquiring new or updating existing property easements. Easements are defined land rights that property owners grant the utility to allow for the safe construction, operation and maintenance of the power line.

The project strengthens the electric transmission system by replacing deteriorating towers from the 1920s with modern steel poles. The upgrade ensures the power line complies with the company’s current structural standards, improves the line’s operational performance and reduces the need for frequent equipment repairs.

Project Updates

As a result of the social distancing recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we invite you to join us for a virtual open house to learn more about the project and ask questions. Please provide comments through the "Contact Us" link.

Company representatives also plan to offer two online live chat sessions Wednesday, March 24 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. EST and 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. EST. The chat sessions feature an instant messaging platform where you can type questions and receive real-time responses from members of our project team. Visit and select the "live chat" icon to join using your computer or mobile device. You can enter and leave a session at any time. If you join using your computer we recommend using the Google Chrome internet browser for the best user experience.


Project Timeline



The project involves installing steel poles.

Structure Height: Approximately 70 feet*
Right-of-Way Width:

  • Residential Areas: Approximately 60 feet*
  • Commercial Areas: Approximately 80 feet*

* Exact structure, height and right-of-way may vary

Project Maps

Please note that these maps are preliminary and do not reflect any final power line route decisions.


Step 1: Below is an Overview Map that displays the entire project area. Please use the Overview Map to find the general location of your property.


Step 2: Each outlined area on the Overview Map represents a single, numbered Map Page that shows that section in greater detail. Visit the appropriate Map Page below for your area.


Virtual Open House Project Fact Sheet Access Roads Field Activities

Indiana Michigan Power serves 575,000 customers in Indiana and Michigan.

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