American Electric Power is one of the largest electric utilities in the United States, delivering electricity and custom energy solutions to nearly 5.4 million customers in 11 states.

AEP owns the nation's largest electricity transmission system, a more than 40,000-mile network that includes more 765-kilovolt extra-high voltage transmission lines than all other U.S. transmission systems combined.

AEP Transmission high-voltage power lines are located throughout the company’s footprint and are vital to deliver electricity to customers. In order to safely build, operate and maintain such facilities, the company purchases easements to use another person’s property to locate its transmission lines.

An easement is a property right held by AEP (or one of its affiliates) that permits the company to access and operate its facilities and prohibits the landowner from conducting certain activities or placing obstructions in the right of way that may interfere with AEP facilities.

To provide more information about right-of-way, property easements and safety topics, we’ve produced these videos to address some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from property owners and the public.

What’s a Right-Of-Way?

Safety is our top priority. That's why we define a strip of land, also called the Right-Of-Way...

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What’s an Easement?

Easements are property rights granting us access needed for transmission lines...

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What Activities are Allowed in a Right-Of-Way?

Safety is our top priority. That's why we clearly define activities that are appropriate and safe within a Right-Of-Way...

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What’s EMF?

The flow of electricity creates electronic and magnetic fields (EMF). It occurs naturally in the environment and is also present around power lines and electrical appliances in your home...

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What’s a Nuisance Shock?

If you have ever felt a static shock while standing on carpet as you touch a doorknob, you know it's an unpleasant experience, that's actually a type of nuisance shock...

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Facts About Electric & Magnetic Fields

Magnetic fields are invisible lines of force that occur in nature and wherever electricity flows, such as electric lines, electric appliances and motors....

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