New Albany BOLD® Transmission Line Project

    BOLD - Breakthrough Overhead Line Design® - was developed by local engineers and delivers a more efficient line design with a contemporary look, has a smaller footprint and shorter structure height. This technology will be a first for the state of Ohio.

    The New Albany BOLD Transmission Line Project, scheduled to begin in early 2018, includes plans to replace the existing 345-kilovolt (kV) transmission facilities with new 345 and 138 kV transmission facilities. During the project, which will last about a year, existing wooden structures will be replaced with BOLD structures.

    AEP Ohio is planning to rebuild about 6.5 miles of transmission line in and around New Albany to improve the reliability of the electric transmission grid in Franklin and Licking counties. This project is an estimated $30 million investment by the company.

    AEP Ohio Transmission Company anticipates completion of this project is the fall 2019.

    Project Updates

    Early 2020: Construction is complete and restoration is beginning to take place. Restoration is anticipated to be complete in Summer 2020.

    Project Releases

    Fact Sheet




    Proposed Structures

    AEP Ohio will build new steel, single pole structures that will be about 100-feet tall. The structures will be placed in the center of an approximate 100-foot wide right-of-way corridor.

    *Exact structure, height and right-of-way may vary

    State Approval Process

    For information regarding the approval process with the State of Ohio, please visit the Ohio Power Siting Board website.

    * The accompanying map depicts the project area. It should be noted that the map contained on this site is for information purposes only. AEP reserves the right to alter, change, or amend the map at any time without notice and AEP provides no warranty about the accuracy of content. Keep this in mind when reviewing this map. However, AEP will make all attempts to keep this map as accurate as possible. If you have any questions about the accuracy of the current map please Contact Us.