Jackson-Ross CountyArea Improvements

AEP Ohio, along with AEP Ohio Transmission Company, plans to upgrade the electric transmission system in Jackson and Ross counties.

The Jackson-Ross County Area Improvements Project will be an approximate $75 million investment by AEP Ohio Transmission Company. The project includes replacing and upgrading aging electrical equipment in Jackson and Ross counties. Construction on the first phase of this project is expected to begin this fall with completion estimated in late 2019. These upgrades will increase economic development, allow for future growth in the area and increase the transmission electric service reliability.

Major project components include:

  • Rebuilding and upgrading about 35 miles of 69-kilovolt (kV) Transmission line to 138 kV
  • Adding three new substations
  • Modernizing several substations


Jackson - Ross Map (PDF)

To ask questions or make comments about this or any other transmission projects in Ohio, the public may call the AEP Ohio Transmission Project Information Line or send an email inquiry to Maggie Beggs at mrbeggs@aep.com.


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