Carrothers - ShelbyTransmission Line Project

The Carrothers-Shelby Transmission Line Project involves rebuilding about 18 miles of 69-kilovolt (kV) transmission line in Crawford, Seneca and Richland counties. Updating the transmission line with modern equipment improves electric service reliability, reduces the likelihood of extended power outages and speeds recovery time when outages do occur.

The majority of the line will be rebuilt within AEP Ohio's existing right-of-way corridor. Additional or supplemental easements might be required in some areas along the line route to ensure the line meets current safety standards.

The line will be built in a 50-foot wide right-of-way corridor, which is necessary to safely construct, operate and maintain the line. Existing wood poleand steelstructures will be replaced with steel single-polestructures that will be about 90-feet tall.

Project Updates

Early 2020: The project is currently under construction. Crews may be walking or using various equipment throughout the process.


Project Timeline



AEP Ohio will replace existing wood pole and steel structures with steel single-pole structures that will be about 90-feet tall. The structures will be place in an approximate 50-foot wide right-of-way corridor.

* Exact structure, height and right-of-way may vary


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