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Powering Up: Mt. Pleasant – Winfield – Pilgrim's Pride

Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) is investing approximately $113 million to improve the electric transmission grid in northeast Texas. The Powering Up Northeast Texas initiative is comprised of four projects that upgrade the transmission infrastructure to ensure reliable electricity is available for customers. The infrastructure in the area has reached an age where it needs to be upgraded to better serve area customers. These improvements will help lessen the number and duration of outages that occur. These four projects will begin in 2017 and continue through 2019.

AEP Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) plans to make improvements to the local electric transmission system to ensure continued reliable power delivery to northeast Texas.

The Mt. Pleasant – Winfield – Pilgrim’s Pride Transmission Line Project consists of rebuilding about 10 miles of 69-kilovolt (kV) transmission line to ensure continued reliable service to customers.

Construction is expected to start in Spring 2018 and be completed by Summer 2019. The estimated project budget is $7 million.

Project Updates

SWEPCO held a come-and-go informational open house to introduce the project on Thursday, March 23 from 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. at Mt. Pleasant Civic in Mt. Pleasant.

News Releases

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Typical Structure Height: 80 feet tall

Typical Right-of-Way Width: 100 feet wide

Typical Distance Between Structures: 300 feet

SWEPCO is committed to carefully balancing the energy needs of homes and businesses while protecting the environment and natural beauty of the region.

* The accompanying map depicts the project area. It should be noted that the map contained on this site is for information purposes only. AEP reserves the right to alter, change, or amend the map at any time without notice and AEP provides no warranty about the accuracy of content. Keep this in mind when reviewing this map. However, AEP will make all attempts to keep this map as accurate as possible. If you have any questions about the accuracy of the current map please Contact Us.