Benton County, Arkansas Transmission Project

The Arkansas Public Service Commission has approved SWEPCO’s application for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need (CECPN) to construct transmission facilities in Benton County, Ark. The facilities are needed to meet the additional transmission capacity demands of the growing Northwest Arkansas area.

The Commission’s April 14, 2011, order in docket 10-074-U can be viewed on the Commission’s web site at:

The project includes the following:

Flint Creek to Shipe Road 345-kV transmission line

A new 345 kV transmission line originating at the Flint Creek Station, located on the premises of the Flint Creek Generation Facility, near Gentry, Benton County, Ark., and terminating at the new Shipe Road Station west of Centerton, Benton County, Ark. See map depicting the approved route.

Shipe Road to Centerton 161 kV transmission line

A new 161 kV transmission line originating at the proposed Shipe Road Station and continuing to a point south of the existing Centerton Station (approximately 5.4 miles) before connecting to an existing 69 kV transmission line. Rebuilding and reconductoring the 69 kV line is also included. See map depicting the approved route.

Shipe Road Station

The new station is to be constructed on SWEPCO-owned property near the west side of Centerton, Benton County, Ark.

Rebuild the existing 69 kV Centerton to East Centerton transmission line and energize at 161 kV

The existing Centerton to East Centerton 69 kV transmission line (approximately 2 miles) will be rebuilt primarily on existing right-of-way and energized at 161 kV.

Greenhouse Road Switching Station

The new switching station will be located along the right-of-way of the new 161 kV transmission line. This facility will be built primarily within the right-of-way, with some additional property required at the station site and for an access road. The location for this switching station is south of Highway 102 and east of Greenhouse Road near Bentonville, Benton County, Ark.

Expansion of SWEPCO’s existing Centerton Station

The existing Centerton Station is located in Centerton, Benton County, Ark., on property owned by SWEPCO. The expansion of this station will occur on an adjacent 2.09 acres, also owned by SWEPCO. The actual footprint of the expansion will require approximately 0.5 acre, with the remainder to be utilized for ingress and egress of transmission lines. The expansion will convert the Centerton Station’s transformer from 69 kV to 161 kV.